Image Source: Ben&Jerry’

The Paw-fect treat for a good doggo

Ben & Jerry’s are known for their selection of ice creams but now they are creating treats for your pouch.

The ice cream giants are now making an desert for your dog.

Don’t worry, the ice cream is a suitable addition to your dogs diet as it’s made from an animal-friendly base (sunflower butter).

There are two flavours, Pontch’s Mix and Rosie’s Batch.

Pontch’s Mix features swirls of peanut butter and pretzels while Rosie’s Batch tastes of pumpkin and crunchy cookies.

The treats were named after dogs from the Ben & Jerry’s corporate office.

According to Purewow, the company’s global marketing specialist Lindsay Bumps said:

“We know our fans love their dogs and treat them like family,”

 “We created this product line so pups can enjoy something even better than belly rubs. Doggie Desserts are the sweetest treat they’ll ever put their paws on.”

You can keep up to date with Ben & Jerry’s latest doggy treat creations on their new Instagram page.