The programme is back on our screens this week.

Barbara and Janet will be two of the new faces on our screens when Gogglebox Ireland returns to Virgin Media One tomorrow night.

The pair are telly-loving sisters from Donegal. Barbara runs her own B&B business while Janet is a retired social worker.

Barbara is an avid rugby fan but admits that part of the reason is to get a good look at the player’s legs! Meanwhile, Janet loves all things Irish on the telly and can’t resist a bit of Nationwide. The sisters ultimate night in is in front of a classic Hollywood film.

Janet says she’s driven demented by Barbara’s compulsive cleaning, but Barbara insists that she needs to keep things spick and span for her own B&B guests, so Janet should do the same. Their quips are quickly forgotten when there’s a bit of music on in their local, where the ladies aren’t shy about getting involved in a good session.

Gogglebox Ireland returns to our TV screens tomorrow and viewers can expect lots of laughs, strong opinions and the occasional cuppa tea as the telly critics take in everything from Brexit to the Bake-off.

Gogglebox is back tomorrow night, Wednesday 11th September at 9pm on Virgin Media One.