14 years of marriage go up in smoke after woman explodes her wedding dress to celebrate divorce. 

Explosion felt 15 miles away as woman blows up wedding dress at divorce party

A woman celebrated her new single status in explosive fashion – by blowing up her wedding dress at her divorce party.

Kimberly Santleben-Stiteler held a celebration with family and friends on Saturday night to mark the end of her 14-year marriage.

Hell hath no fury like a Texan woman scorned

The centrepiece of the event in La Coste, Texas saw her loading up her wedding dress with explosives before shooting it with a rifle.

The ensuing explosion would apparently be felt up to 15 miles away.

Carla Santleben-Newport, Kimberley’s sister, told the Press Association: “My sister’s divorce was finalised on Friday and (she) wanted to burn her wedding dress, so my dad and husband took care of things.

How do you blow up a wedding dress?

Although she received suggestions from friends and family to donate the dress, she said she was determined to burn it.

She had some help from her father and brother-in-law, who provided explosives. To blow up the dress, $200 (around P10,600) worth of Tannerite — or exploding rifle targets — was used.



Reaction on Twitter

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