Our prices are around 26% higher than the EU average.

Image via Pexels.com

We’re paying around €250 more each year for our electricity here in Ireland than households in other EU countries.

Figures from Eurostat show that even before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, electricity prices here were 26% higher than the EU average.

Tariffs here are the 4th most expensive in the EU, and the Irish Independent reports that taxes and Government levies aren’t the reason, with net electricity prices here 60% above the European average.

Finance experts say the reluctance of Irish consumers to switch energy providers is encouraging these high prices. That’s despite large competition in the market with 12 providers servicing Irish households.

Meanwhile Paul Deane, a senior researcher in Clean Energy Futures at UCC, says just five appliances in the household are responsible for 50% of our electricity costs.

“The big five appliances that use about half of our electricity are your electric shower, your washing machine, your tumble dryer, your fridge and your dishwasher”, he explains.

“Showering by about one minute less per shower will save maybe between €60 and €50 per year off your electricity bill”.