If you’ve seen the trailer for Wild Mountain Thyme, you’ll know that the Irish accents in it are … interesting.

The trailer for the movie starring Jamie Dornan, Emily Blunt, Jon Hamm and Christopher Walken came out earlier this month. It drew up massive criticism from people here in Ireland as they joked about the actors butchering the Irish accent.

Despite that, Emily Blunt has said in a recent interview that her co-star Jamie Dornan assured her that her accent was “great”.

She told PEOPLE magazine:

“Jamie’s from Northern Ireland. So we were both sort of thrown in at the deep end having to do an accent that was unfamiliar”.

“I’ll admit, I’m sure I had a tougher time with it than he did initially, but he’s not usually one to give people tips, he’s the most unpresumptuous person ever. But he assured me that I sounded Irish and I’m going to believe him.”

“So if he’s wrong, I’m going to blame him for any backlash on my accent. He has assured me it was a great Irish accent. We’ll see.”

So … who’s gonna tell her?

In the same interview, Jamie went on to say:

“It was definitely easier for me, but she’s amazing. And you’re just great at accents, though, aren’t you Emily?”


Wild Mountain Thyme is set in Ireland and follows the story of Rosemary Muldoon (Blunt) and Anthony Reilly (Dornan) who fall in love before getting caught up in a dispute over land. It was filmed in Co Mayo and is due for release in cinemas and on demand in the US on December 11th.

Here’s another look at that trailer for the craic: