A keg of espresso martini would go down well about now. Image: Amazon.

This would certainly take the edge off of isolation.

There are a lot of things that aren’t great about isolation…

Whether it’s the lack of social interaction, spending most of your time indoors or your family or housemates are driving you mad…

And of course, the temporary closure of many businesses means we can’t indulge in the luxuries we were used too back in the ol’ days (as in last month).

Well Amazon has a solution for anyone who may be craving one of the finer things in life – an espresso martini.

The company is currently listing a 5-litre keg of the stuff on its website, described as “A perfect gift for all coffee lovers,” and “ideal for all occasions.”

Featuring a “Rich blend of coffee finished with premium vodka,” the self-tapped 5L keg certainly has the potential to take the edge off isolation.

Each mini keg contains 11% ABV, and is apparently “a perfect size keg for a fridge”, and comes with 35 servings of espresso martini.

Retailing for £110 (€124), the giant container ultimately works out as about £3.15 (€3.57) per serving – not bad value at all.

Sadly there weren’t many left in stock at the time of writing, but hopefully there will be more arriving quickly, we need this in our lives right now.