Image: MovieWeb

The new Aladdin trailer shows Will Smith’s Genie in all his glory…and the internet has thoughts.

The new trailer for Disney’s live-action remake of Aladdin has been released – and it sees Will Smith making his long awaited debut as the mystical Genie.

The trailer, which debuted during the Grammys last night, comes after Disney revealed photos of Smith in the iconic role last December.

Naturally people had thoughts on what they’d just seen in the trailer and as we tend to do nowadays, they took to the internet to react.

The diagnosis? Smiths character is “straight nightmare fuel”.

Some have even said Smith’s character is too eerie for the Disney hit.

And it’s safe to say they didn’t hold back…

What are your thoughts…an overreaction? Or does the genie perhaps belong in Nightmare on Elm Street rather than Aladdin?