You can now get your eyelashes from a vending machine.

A lash artist in the UK has created the pastel-pink machines which she has stocked with 18 different styles of falsies.

Ashleigh Stevenson from Newcastle came up with the idea at Christmas when her business, The Lash Loft, was super busy.


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The machines are currently in a number of places around Newcastle but Ashleigh hopes to bring them to other cities such as Manchester, Liverpool and London.

The eyelashes cost £10.99 a pair and Ashleigh says the machines keep selling out “over and over”.

Taking to Instagram, she said: “I can’t believe my dream has actually came true! I didn’t think I’d ever ever bring one of my crazy ideas to life!”

The Lash Loft has a number of famous clients, including Love Island winner Amber Gill.

We need these vending machines to come to Ireland now.