“When I was 16 trying to get into bars, I looked about seven.”

Jamie Dornan’s opened up about how he used to try to blag his way into nightclubs as a teenager.

The Northern Irish actor appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote his new movie, A Private War.


When Jimmy asked Jamie about the legal drinking age in the North, the 36 year old confessed to owning a number of really bad fake IDs.

The Fifty Shades star said he employed a number of ways to make himself look older as a teen:

“I used to think that I looked older if I wore turtlenecks, so all of my fake ID pictures had this tiny wee peanut head poking out of a turtleneck.”

“I’d always pick some really stupid course I was doing at university, like electrical science or something.”

Jamie admitted that he often got away with his dodgy IDs:

“I was going to this place in Belfast once, and the guy looked at my ID and he ripped it up because it was made of like papier-mâché or something, and he went ‘On ya go.’ I went in and had a great night.”