A family in China grew suspicious when their puppy wouldn’t stop growing and started to walk on two legs.


Su Yun, who live near the city of Kunming in Yunnan province, bought the dog two years ago.

Speaking to Chinese media, she claims she thought the pooch was a Tibetan mastiff but couldn’t get over how much he ate:

“A box of fruits and two buckets of noodles every day.”

When he stood about a metre tall and weighed 250lb, Ms Yun realised her dog was in fact a bear:

“The more he grew, the more like a bear he looked. I am a little scared of bears.”

The family got in touch with police requesting help and the animal was taken into care at the Yunnan Wildlife Rescue Centre.


Staff were so scared of the bear that they sedated him before transportation.

He has been identified as an endangered Asiatic Black Bear, a protected species in China.