You can deny it all you want but everyone farts.

In fact, the average person passes around half a litre of gas every day – that’s about 14 farts.

While it’s totally natural, it can be embarrassing, so we hold them in (especially around a new partner or co-workers) afraid to stink up the place.

Image Credit: Shreddies

But that could be a thing of the past with the launch of a range of jeans, which claim to eliminate a fart’s smell.

The pants for both men and women are from a company called Shreddies, which also sells flatulence filtering underwear and pyjamas.

They say a special carbon lining absorbs and traps the odour before it can make its way out into the open.

Image Credit: Shreddies

The website states:

“Shreddies flatulence filtering garments are the perfect way to treat flatulence issues. The garments feature an activated carbon lining that absorbs all flatulence odours, they become trapped and neutralised by the cloth which is then reactivated after washing.”

“Shreddies can be worn by anyone but they offer the perfect solution to treat flatulence issues caused by IBS, Gastritis, Crohn’s disease, Dyspepsia and Colitis as well as food intolerance’s and many other bowel and digestive disorders.”

“Anybody that suffers from excessive flatulence will know of the social issues that it can cause and Shreddies not only improves the physical symptoms but also helps reduce the anxiety associated with this condition.”

“The Shreddies motto is ‘Fart with confidence’ and our garments ensure just that.”

A pair of jeans cost £100 (approx. €113), while a pair of men’s boxers are £24 (approx. €27) and ladies’ briefs will set you back £19 (approx. €21).

The brand’s also released a flatulence cushion that can be used in the car, at the office or at home.