The job is to rank them from best to worst.

Someone is about to land the ultimate Irish dream job, getting paid to watch, review and rank every episode of Father Ted.

Website Meanwhile in Ireland is offering the ‘Father Ted TV Show critic’ gig and describes it as ”a once in a lifetime role which is short but unique”.

Working remotely from anywhere in the world (so ex-pats can apply) the successful applicant would have three weeks to watch and write a review of all 25 episodes and rank them from best to worst.

You’d also be paid €11 an hour for our troubles, with expected hours between 4-6 a week and the contract lasting for three weeks.

Here’s what the company are looking for in an ideal candidate…

  • Knowledgeable on TV and film
  • Self-confessed Father Ted fanatic
  • Analytical and observant
  • Fluency in spoken and written English
  • Confident working remotely to deadlines
  • Partial to the craic (i.e. an understanding of Irish banter)
  • Must be 16 or older
  • Critic experience (preferable)

Interviews will be held next month on 15 June, and you can learn more about this absolute dream job here.

Good luck! Hopefully that money will be ‘just resting in your account’ soon.