Keep your bits cool this summer.

The mother of all heatwaves is sweeping across Europe at the moment.

With highs of 41 degress recorded this week in parts of France, it’s fair to say the heat across the continent is hard to bear. Although we’re not seeing temperatures quite that high here in Ireland, there’s no doubt that it’s quite muggy and “close”, as your mam would say.

Well enter stage right – the freezable bras and boxers.

Yep. There are freezable bras and boxers out on the market to keep your bits at a comfortable temperature. What a time.

Let’s start with the bras. They’re called Bra Coolers and have been specially created by Polar Products designed to keep the heat off your chest. Each pack is machine washable and reusable and they come in a variety of sizes.

Image Credit: Polar Products

The company describes them as:

“Cool58° cooling packs freeze solid at a moderate and comfortable temperature of 58° Fahrenheit, so they can be activated in a freezer, refrigerator, or even a cooler of ice water.

“Packs can simply be submerged in ice water or placed in a refrigerator or freezer to activate.

“Activate by simply submerging the packs into ice water for up to 20 minutes when access to freezers is not available.”


Of course, the fellas also need to keep their bits from sizzling.

The aptly-named ‘Snowballs’ are cooling underwear for men. They’re fitted with freezable wedges that slip into a pair of boxer shorts that you can wear as you please. They also serve a serious purpose to encourage male fertility, to ease pain, or to help if you’ve just had a vasectomy.

Image Credit: Snowballs

Image Credit: Snowballs

The company’s website describes them as follows:

“Since the mid-Sixties, scientists have been aware that scrotal cooling can improve male fertility, but no controlled tests were done until the mid-Eighties, when the advantages of cooling were first clinically shown.

“Now, with an increasing number of studies confirming its effectiveness, some of the world’s best fertility specialists are beginning to prescribe icing. And doesn’t it just make good sense to directly treat the part of the body with the problem?”