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“In west Philadelphia born and raised”

The California mansion used in external shots of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is now available to rent.

Will Smith and the house owners have listed the mansion on Airbnb for fans to experience.

The listing coincides the shows 30th anniversary and guests who book will enjoy the “Freshest Los Angeles Mansion Around”.

Smith is offering guests the opportunity to spend a night in a wing of the home, decorated in true 1990’s style.

According to, Smith wrote:

“My wing of the mansion includes my bedroom (great for naps), a full bathroom (great for spitting bars in the shower), pool area (great for dips), an outdoor lounge, and the dining room (great for eating obviously),”

The mansion also provides guests with meals served “on a silver platter”.

You might want to be quick as only a few nights are available for this year.