“we want to make it a little more caffeinated for our incredible frontline workers!”

As frontline staff work endlessly to help those who have been affected by Covid-19, there is a way you can show your appreciation.

Gym + Coffee have joined forces with The Green Wave to thank frontline workers and celebrate Workplace Wellbeing Day.

The Green Wave, which was established to help support frontline staff during the Covid-19, will be delivering coffees to doctors, nurses and first responders across the country.

This will help support frontline staff and bring business to local cafes.

Green Wave are asking people who donate a coffee online to post a picture on Instagram and nominate a friend to take part as well.

For every coffee purchased and picture tagged, Gym + Coffee will match the donation. For every €2 donation, Green Wave will deliver a cup of coffee to a frontline worker.

To buy a coffee for a frontline worker Click Here.