Funeral services are being limited to no more than ten people.

The Government wants to ensure mourners can bury their loved ones with respect while ensuring they are protected from COVID-19. Senior Government Official Elizabeth Canavan has advised that funerals should be limited to ten people, and social distancing should still be observed,

The measures apply to all deaths, and not just those as a result of the coronavirus.

The HSE is developing further guidance around funerals, which is due to be published shortly. The Government says to ensure the dignity of Irish funerals can be protected, it will continue to review the practices as necessary.

Meanwhile, we’re being warned the next seven days are vital to see if we can contain the spread of the coronavirus.

2,910 people now have Covid 19 here and 54 people have lost their lives. New figures show we are flattening the curve as the daily growth of cases has decreased from 33 to 15 per cent.