In 2017 we spend a sinful amount of time on our phones.

We no longer only send text messages from our devices, our phones now enable us to send emails, use Whats App, along with other thumb-consuming social media apps.

Doctors say this condition used to be mainly seen in factory workers, but is now becoming more widespread in America.

It’s been dubbed “smartphone thumb” but is actually tendinitis.

Our thumbs probably endure more of a workout daily than any other body part.

Speaking to CBS Minnestoa, Dr. Kristin Zhao, a biomedical engineer at the Mayo Clinic in the US said ““It’s also a movement that requires some force through the thumbs. So when you press on your phone, you know, you’re interacting with your phone. It’s not just free movement in space”.

Do you think you suffer from “smartphone thumb”? We do!