Redheads rejoice!

It has to said that the flame-haired amongst us get a hard time.

We have no idea why – some of our favourite people are redheads, including Domhnall Gleeson, Ed Sheeran, Isla Fisher…and The AO Show’s Oonagh O’Carroll.

But redheads have reason to celebrate today as ginger emojis are finally available on the iPhone.

Image Source: Emojipedia

The emoji is one of more than 70 new avatars now available on Apple’s new iOS 12.1. update.

Bald, grey-haired and curly-haired people can also rejoice, as well as lobsters, kangaroos, parrots and peacocks.

The emojis were unveiled by Apple in the summer to celebrate World Emoji Day.

Unfortunately, Android users will have to wait to get their hands on them.