We’ll find out who tonight from 9pm on Virgin Media One.

Never mind your love hearts… The only shape doing the rounds on Love Island these days is triangles. On tonight’s show, a recoupling takes place and one girl is dumped, the Islanders take on a Valentine’s Bae challenge and Luke T plans a Valentine’s Day surprise for Siannise. Here’s a first look at the show:

One girl is dumped

On tonight’s Love Island all of the Islanders gather at the fire pit for the latest recoupling. With the boys choosing, it means one girl will be dumped from the Island.

While some couples are feeling pretty safe, all eyes are on new boy Jamie and who he will choose and what Luke M will do after both Shaughna and Demi made their feelings about him clear.

While Jamie tells the Islanders he’s decided to choose the girl with whom “the banter is on the exact same level”. Meanwhile, Luke M admits of his chosen girl: “When we do talk, it’s easy, the conversations flow and she never fails to make me laugh, I feel like she hasn’t had the best luck in the villa, but I do feel that is going to change.”

So who is safe? And who will be dumped?

The Islanders do a Valentine’s Bae challenge

It’s Love Island’s first ever Valentine’s Day in the villa and the Islanders are being pit against each other in a Valentine’s Day themed challenge – Valentine’s Bae. With one of their hands tied to their partner, the couples must try and keep a romantic meal for two in tact, as they take on the romance-inspired assault course.

From the love tunnel via the love bears and rose petal bed (of gunge!), the fastest to get around the course – which ends with a Lady and the Tramp-style pasta smooch – wins.

It goes better for some than others. As Luke T and Siânnise reveal they were “flying around”, Priscilla jokes: “Are we allowed to recouple, just for challenges, please?”

And as one boy is described as ‘Bambi on ice’ it seems not everyone finds the challenge a walk in the park.

Luke T has a Valentine’s Day surprise for Siannise

Luke T has gathered the boys to help him create a fairy tale-themed surprise for Siânnise, that will end with an important question. So the girls, as part of ‘Operation Fairy Tale’, are asked to keep Siânnise busy with a pamper session. Meanwhile, they set about creating a princess crown and devising a clue-based quest for her to take on.

In the evening, with all Islanders in their correct places, Siânnise is told by Luke M she must crack all the codes to work her way around the villa and find her prince.