A student in the US took actor Danny DeVito to her prom…kind of!

Allison Closs from Pennsylvania brought a cardboard cutout of the star to the high school dance.

The teenager purchased the cutout online, as well as the small square scooter she used to pull him around.

Alison’s two-dimensional date has made headlines around the world but she claims it was a simple solution to a big problem:

“I couldn’t find myself a date in real life, or with an actual human, so I bought one – on Amazon!”

She said she’s a big fan of the 73 year old:

“I’ve always loved Danny. I loved him on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, I loved him in Hercules and Matilda, I just love him in every form he takes.”

Allison’s parents saw the funny side, with her Dad saying:

“He’s a little bit older…but he’s a very nice man and I think he’s going to treat her with a lot of respect.”

Cover image via PennLive.com on YouTube