People are putting glitter on their dog’s testicles.

Yep, it’s nuts.

The trend was first spotted earlier this year by a dog groomers in the US and it’s taken off.

Groomery Foolery posted an image on Facebook with the caption: “I have seen so many things in this career. Very few things surprise me. Yet here I sit looking at glitter dog balls.

“Done using corn syrup and edible glitter. Those are some sweet balls.”

Dog groomers across the States are offering the service and it seems that pet owners are doing it themselves at home too. 

However, some pooch lovers have expressed concerns about the glitter being applied to such an intimate area.

One horrified woman wrote: “I would think this might possibly get into the urinary tract and cause problems as the dog licks other parts. Edible glitter doesn’t dissolve, it’s just ‘edible’.”

Another said: I feel sorry for the dog. People will do anything to an animal and think it is funny. So bad.”

While others think the trend is disgusting: “Please stop touching your dogs genitals. And don’t do this.”

“Why would any one in their right mind want to draw attention to their pet’s genitalia…sickening.”


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so we tried the trend #glitterballs #discoberrys #mermanbronads

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Yep. We did that. New meaning for blue balls!! #glitterballs#mygroomerisbetter#clipntails#blueballs#lameson#bluebullysquad#frenchbulldog#frenchiesofinstagram

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