Not just a man’s best friend . . .

A recent study carried out by The Mayo Clinic  has proven that  dog-owners have better cardiovascular health.

In the first stage of the evaluation, it studied over 1,700 subjects with no history of heart disease and then applied the ideal health behaviors, as outlined by the American Heart association, which  are: 1 body mass index, 2 diet, 3 physical activity, 4 smoking status, 5 blood pressure, 6 blood glucose and 7  total cholesterol.

In course of study, the heart heath of dog owners versus those who don’t own a pet was compared and then the heart health of different dog owners was compared.

Need to improve your heart health? Get a dog!

According to one of the researchers who was carried out the study “In general, people who owned any pet were more likely to report more physical activity, better diet and blood sugar at ideal level,”.

Dr. Maugeri went on to say that if people were looking to improve their cardiovascular heath they could considering adopting, rescuing or purchasing a pet as a way to change their lifestyle.