It’s despite public health officials urging people to cancel holidays abroad.

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The Government is continuing to put together a list of countries the public can travel to without having to quarantine upon return.

That’s despite public health officials urging people who have booked holidays abroad, to cancel them.

Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan has expressed concern at the increase in the number of cases and clusters of Covid-19.

24 new cases were confirmed yesterday, the highest daily increase in over two weeks. Six of those cases were associated with foreign travel.

The total number of imported cases has risen by 23 to 383 over the course of the last month, with over half of those cases happening in the last week alone.

Dr Tony Holohan urged people with holidays abroad booked to cancel them, and Margaret Harris of the World Health Organisation has echoed that call:

“Do you really need to travel?” she said.

“People do need to take a risk but think about taking a ‘safe’ risk.”

Which countries will feature on the “green list” was discussed at Cabinet yesterday. However, difficulties have arisen with certain countries whose handle on the virus has changed rapidly in a short period of time.