Now we’ve seen it all …

A grandmother has filed a lawsuit against a British strip club after sustaining an eye injury.

It’s after she was hit in the face by a flying pair of trousers during the show.

58 year-old Merle Groenewald was on vacation in 2014 when she suffered the injury to her left eye. She’s now suing the male stripper group Dreamboys for almost €170,000, Newsweek reports.

Groenewald went to Rise nightclub in central London with three friends in December 2014. The women were seated in the front row, with their knees touching the stage.

However it proved to be a little too close for comfort.

As they were enjoying the moves of the “sexy firemen” on stage, the troupe pulled their trousers off and threw them into the crowd. Unfortunately, part of one pair caught the elderly woman in the face, leaving her with an eye injury that required surgery.

Groenewald alleges the company “failed to ensure that there was sufficient space between the performers and the audience, so as to ensure that the performance could be carried out safely.”