Grab your bestie!

You know that feeling you get sometimes when you just want to pack your bags and move to a remote island?

Well you really can now, because the Great Blasket Island off the coast of County Kerry is currently looking for two people to fill positions.

The Great Blasket Islands are synonymous with Peig Sayers, wh’s most famous for her autobiography, Peig.

The jobs require two people to manage accommodation and coffee shop, is from April 1st this year to around the beginning of October.

So basically for the peak tourist season:

The lucky applicants can be a couple, a pair of friends or two complete strangers and will be provided with accommodation, food and daily views that will take your breath away.

Plus the gorgeous town of Dingle is just a short boat ride away.

The island itself was was abandoned back in the 1950s after the population dropped to below 20, and the remaining inhabitants moved to the mainland in 1954.