You could say it was a bit of a Casualty.

Earlier this week, actor Amanda Henderson went viral after her brain fart moment on the popular quiz show Celebrity Mastermind.

Host John Humphrys asked the following question: “No One Is Too Small To Make A Difference is a collection of speeches made by a Swedish climate change activist. What’s her name?”

While the answer was obviously Greta Thunberg, the Casualty star clearly had no idea and guessed “Sharon”.

Source: Twitter (@marksmithstuff) 

The clip quickly went viral and eventually made it’s way to Greta herself, who had the best response and promptly changed her Twitter name to Sharon.

This isn’t the first time she’s used her Twitter account to poke fun.

Last month US President Donald Trump tweeted “Greta must work on her anger management problem, then go to a good old fashioned movie with a friend! Chill, Greta, Chill!”

Greta shot back by changing her bio to:

“a teenager working on her anger management problem. Currently chilling and watching a good old fashioned movie with a friend”.

Greta 1 – Trump 0

Cover Image Source: Instagram (@gretathunberg)