Frozen water on a lake.

The weather is baltic out there ❄️ Safety groups have asked to be extra mindful of children this weekend.

It’s well below zero in most of Ireland today, but many will brave the cold weather for some fresh air.

Part of venturing into the outdoors for parents already involves keeping an eye on young ones.

Water Safety Ireland however are asking parents to be extra vigilant due to the recent cold snap.

According to Chief Executive John Leech, kids should stay clear of frozen edges of ponds, lakes and canals.

The added supervision is due to young children falling through the ice, with a risk of drowning.

As an alternative, John says, “There’s lots of areas on seas which are very shallow.”

“If there is adult supervision… go out and enjoy the ice and have a bit of fun… on fertilizer bags and all kinds of things.”

As regards to playing on other water sources, he adds, “Don’t do it on canals, rivers, lakes and ponds where the water is deep.”

Take care too on footpaths and local roads if you’re out for a walk.

Low temperatures are set to continue well through the afternoon today in many areas.