Desperate times call for desperate measures…

During this time in isolation, we’re starting to lose our fades and gain some split ends without our barbers and hairdressers.

One youngster decided to take measures into his own hands when he let his younger brother stand in as his barber. Jarlath Taylor from Portlaoise got a fresh cut from his younger brother Lorcan this week.

Using his mother Sandra’s clippers (and under her watchful eye), Lorcan sat his brother in their garden and began shaving his head.

Sandra joined Sharron Lynskey on iRL were she explained that Lorcan has always wanted cut peoples hair. According to Sandra, Jarlath was “delighted” with the finished look. She did however say:

” I had to step in a few times because he was nearly taking an ear off” 

When Sharron commended the gents on their bravery and inventing skills, Sandra replied:

“Inventive or Insane?”