The additional costs could be as much as €60.

A leading chain of hairdressers is going to charge customers extra to undo the damage caused to their hair during lockdown.

Peter Mark, who has salons across the country, says customers may have to pay an extra €45-€60, on top of the original cost to have their hair re-coloured.

Ahead of their reopening on June 29th, the hairdresser has advised customers that if they had 2cm of root regrowth, significant colour fade or if they had dyed their hair at home during the pandemic then they could face the extra charges.

Peter Mark said:

“It is likely that some clients regrowth is now too long for their usual colour application method and may require the Colour Extend Service.

“A long regrowth is described as any regrowth that is 2cm or longer.

“The average rate of growth is approximately 1cm per month therefore if it is more than 8 weeks since the tint was last done, Peter Mark would treat this as a long regrowth service.”

The salon has also stated it will cost €60 to have a “colour detox” if the salon recommends the treatment whereby a customer has home dyed their hair. Meanwhile, it will recommend a colour restore costing €45 if the client’s hair colour has significantly faded.

The hairdresser’s claimed that these services have always existed but are normally not needed by clients when salons are open.

Other hairdressers and barbers across the country may also have to up their prices next week due to the costs of buying PPE. Margaret O’Rourke Doherty, CEO of the Hair and Beauty Industry Confederation, says the additional costs are justified:

“You’re not talking about a normal regrowth. You’re talking about quite a substantial regrowth which is three to four times what it would normally be.”

“So that’s an additional cost. You have an additional colour cost, an additional time cost.”