A fan of Halsey’s (Francesca) posted on Twitter: “Confession: Driving home from Penn State I got pulled over/given a ticket for the first time ever and when asked why I was going 99 in a 70 I was ~dangerously~ close to admitting I was bangin out to @halsey’s new song Nightmare.”

Here is her new track ‘Nightmare’ that she performed on the American version of The Voice…

Halsey tweeted back to her and said “What’s your Venmo. I’ll pay your ticket. DRIVE SAFELY PLEASE!!!!”



iRadio does not condone speeding or dangerous driving. We hope that Francesca has learnt her lesson & won’t do it again.

Even though $250 is not a massive amount of money to Halsey as she is worth about five million dollars. It was still nice of her to help a fan out all the same.