Source: Craicpack

Your overseas friends might need a few of these over Easter.

Here’s an easy way to let your Irish friends living abroad you still care.

Whether they’re in Canada, The US, New Zealand, Australia or Madagascar you can reach out a tender hand and send them a gift to help them during their darkest of moments…a brutal hangover.

 CraicPack‘s new “Hangover Box Care Package” is the perfect reminder of home/necessary quick fix they’ll need after a night on the sauce.

And the package is jam packed full of Irish cures to send to friends and loved ones, including:

  • Brennans Bread
  • Butlers Hot Chocolate
  • Berocca Tablets
  • Lyons or Barry’s Tea
  • Manhattan Popcorn
  • Tayto Crisps
  • Bacon Fries
  • Dairy Milk
  • MiWadi
  • Pot Noodle
  • McDonnell’s Curry Sauce
  • Spice Bag Mix
  • Airwaves chewing gum
  • McVities biscuits
  • Natural Confectionary Co or Haribo Jellies
  • Batchelor Beans
  • Ballymaloe Relish
  • Brown sauce

The box can be shipped all around the world, so if you want to send an Irish olive branch to your friends over the globe, this is the way to go!