Handy information to have as the festive season kicks off…

A full Irish fry up may not be the best cure for a hangover as it turns out, that is according to a recent scientific study.

In fact if you’ve overindulged the night before, you’re actually far better off reaching for a blended drink of coconut water, pear and lime.

Research published in the journal In Food Science has found the healthy mix of juices can help boost two enzymes that break down alcohol in the body.

And it’s even more effective when consumed along with a plate of cheese with some tomato and cucumber.

The researchers, based at the Institute of Chemical Technology in Mumbai, said: “A beverage made from a blend of sweet lime, pear, and coconut water could be used to overcome hangover.

“The consumption of this beverage with cheese, cucumber, and tomatoes may further alleviate the symptoms.”

Pear makes up most of the drink at 65%, followed by sweet lime (25%) and coconut water (10%).

Green tea and black tea are said to be more helpful in hastening your road back to proper health.

While when it comes to hangover no-nos, the study suggests you stay well clear of milk, oats, eggs and spices including pepper, nutmeg and cinnamon, and coffee.