Their proposal went viral after the engagement ring fell down a subway grate.

A couple from the UK have thanked police in New York for rescuing their lost engagement ring.

CCTV footage of the diamond ring slipping down a subway grate made headlines at the weekend, after it was shared by New York City Police Department on Twitter.

It shows the woman putting her hand to her mouth in horror, while the man desperately peers down the grate in Times Square.

Officers managed to recover the piece of jewellery around eight feet underground on top of rubbish.

They cleaned it but they couldn’t find the couple, so they made an appeal on social media.

The couple, who had returned to the UK crestfallen, were finally tracked down.

Their names are John Drennan and Daniella Anthony.

John explained that the proposal actually took place in Central Park but the ring was too big.

It later slipped off Daniella’s finger and down the grate while they were walking in Times Square.

In a tweet to the NYPD, John said:

“I cannot thank you enough, although I will try. A few cold beers when we come back to NYC! We are completely overwhelmed and you will definitely get a mention at our wedding!”