“I fought the law, and the law won.”

In Ireland today, there are plenty of controversial laws i.e. the TV Licence and Property Tax.

Some have been abolished following public outrage, the Water Charge is a memorable one, but there’s still some odd laws that are active.

These will definitely make you question Ireland’s lawmakers.

The Marketing Of Eggs Act 1957

According to the Marketing Of Eggs Act 1957, an employee of the Government has the right to stop your vehicle and inspect any eggs that you happen to have in there.

You know, just in case you’re thinking of selling them.

“An officer of the ministry, duly authorised by the ministry in that behalf either generally or in respect of a particular occasion, shall have power to examine eggs in transit.”

The Cinema Order 1991

In Northern Ireland, it’s illegal to go see a movie on a Sunday.

In 1991, in observation of the Sabbath, Northern Ireland enacted the Cinema Order, which prohibits anyone from watching a film in a cinema on Sundays.

The penalty for breaking the law? A £50 fine.

The Leprechaun Law

We don’t know where this one came from but it’s widely reported that if a leprechaun lands at your door, you must give him a share of your dinner.

Sounds a bit unfair to us!

The Tippling Act 1735

Unfortunately for some, The Tippling Act of 1735 has been repealed.

This law made it illegal for landlords to demand money that was owed for beer.

But they quickly repealed it as they realised it simply gave permission for peasants to drink for free.

And finally, a strange law from Trinity College…

Students can demand a glass of wine during an exam.