Image: Amazon.

To make those miserable January trips to work a little more bearable.

If your car feels like it’s been making secret trips to the arctic each morning when you get in, you might want to invest in one of these.

Amazon has a range of heated blankets on sale, and they’re pretty cheap too with one retailing at just €10.65.

It promises to warm up in just three minutes after being plugged in with its cigarette lighter socket adapter, boasting two settings from low to high, making it possible to reach some seriously toasty temperatures.

It also guarantees a soft, cosy feel, making it the ideal accessory to take along when you go off camping or on other outdoor adventures.

The five star rated product has been a huge hit with shoppers, as one wrote: “This is so easy to use and instantly heats up.

“This will be ideal for keeping the kids warm in the back when we are travelling to see my in laws on Boxing Day as it is a long distance away.”

Another said: “This is so lovely, very soft so you can not feel any wires inside, looks good and working perfectly.

“Usually my husband like cold air when we are going for a trip and I like hot, so now there is no problem as he can put a cold air and I can use a blanket and be warm.”

The ideal gift for that person who is always chilly.