It’ll be hard to unsee this.

Freaky Friday is one of those classic movies many of us have watched.

Mother and daughter switching bodies to make them understand each other?


And also a must-see for any Lindsay Lohan fan.

That’s why we’re shocked this has only been discovered now.

In a TikTok video, one user narrates the mistake and how a stunt double can clearly been seen replacing Anna’s younger brother Harry.

Take a look for yourself:


I have no words 😅 #disney #stuntdouble #funny #freakyfriday #fail #fyp #DADMOVES #movie #moviesce

♬ original sound – thegabbienicole

We even went onto Disney plus ourselves to skip to that bit in the movie, and it’s proven.

Low and behold, there was an adult man in place of the little guy!

But, we won’t hold it against them, and will probably be watching the full thing later…