Now, we just need to actually book one.

Science has revealed the perfect length of time to take for a holiday.

The researchers at Finland’s University of Tampere found that the ideal vacation should be between 7 to 11 days long.

They looked at people’s work-related stress levels over the course of their holiday and found that those who went away for 7 to 11 days experienced the most restful break.

The 2012 study said that’ because just over a week is enough time to switch off from work and come back relaxed. However, if you take more than 11 days off, they found people began to worry about the amount of tasks piling up.

The report states:

“Employees are often unable to recover sufficiently during short respites from work due to increasingly permeable boundaries between work and home domains, long working hours, working overtime and prolonged physiological activation as a result of preoccupation with work.

“Our results showed that health and wellness rapidly increase after the start of the holiday and seemed to peak on the eighth vacation day.”

*looks up Ryanair flights immediately*