Aidan and Oonagh in the morning spoke with the Galway based band ‘Blessed’ who have released a new Christmas charity single entitled ‘Homeless at Christmas.’

This song in particular has been praised for its hard hitting lyrics and is sure to make you stop and think for a moment about the plight of people who find themselves homeless this Christmas. In an interview with The AO Show, the band shed some light on the events that lead to them writing this song, including how lead singer Tony saw a video of a homeless child in Dublin who moved him to write the song having a young baby himself.

Watch a beautiful live version of this song which the band performed in iRadio.



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The charity single from @blessedirishband ‘Homeless at Christmas’ is raising money for Cope Galway. To donate head to

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How Can I Donate To Cope Galway?

The group expressed a sincere desire to make a difference and spoke about what an awful thing homelessness is:

“At the moment there are nearly 4,000 children homeless in Ireland. Last week my son was born and I cant help but think about the poor children that are sleeping on our streets”.

The song is available now in association with Cope Galway all proceeds will go to the charity.  If you are interested in donating to this great cause you can do so via the Blessed page on


About Blessed

The band is made up of members David Braken from Tullamore and Tony Cunningham from Co. Galway.

David and Tony first met 15 years ago in Tullamore and became good friends. After this they lost touch for 5 or 6 years but later got back together and formed the band. The pair have been gigging together as Blessed for more than 10 years now.

“We’ve been gigging together 10 years and since then we’ve opened for the blizzards , Aslan , le galaxy and Rory’s stories.”
A few months ago the band went viral when someone uploaded a video of them doing a dance song during a private gig in Kilkenny with the cast of Mrs browns boys.

To keep up to date with the band or to get in contact with them: they are reachable on facebook and instagram @blessedirishband