Every school in Ireland may be closed, but there’s still no escaping homework!



25th June – Aidan and Oonagh’s Summer Club – The 3 Musketeers


This morning, Aidan and Oonagh were asked to help out a parent whose kid wanted to know that names of the Three Musketeers! Oonagh was quick to remember the names of two of them – Aramis and Porthos but struggled to recall the third name. Thankfully Klaudia and the iRadio family came to our help! Even with all three names, Aidan still struggled to repeat them back!




24th June – Aidan and Oonagh’s Summer Club – Types Of Trees


Tuesday’s Summer Club question came in from Max who is 11 years old.

Max needed help unscrambling the letters to name a type of tree which sheds its leaves seasonally. The letters were C S O D U E D I U

The second type of tree holds their leaves all year round and the letters were R E G V E N E R E


Listen to the podcast in the link below to find out which type of trees they were!










24th June – Aidan and Oonagh’s Homework Club

This morning Eoin needed help identifying name of five common metals from their chemical compound symbols and thankfully our iRadio listeners were at hand to help – without googling the answer!

Check out the full podcast below







22nd June – Aidan and Oonagh’s Homework Club – Do Cows Sleep Standing Up?

Sheamus from Ballina is seven years old and  wrote to Aidan and Oonagh asking whether it’s true that cows sleep standing up!

The answer might surprise you! (It certainly surprised Aidan and Oonagh!)


Why Do Humans Have Eyebrows?

That was the question posed by six year old Eva and as always Aidan and Oonagh did their best to answer the question WITHOUT resorting to google!







Why are Flamingos Pink?

Aiden and Oonagh are making sure kids stay sharp during their time away from the classroom.
Today’s question came in from 12 year old Roisin who wanted to understand why Flamingos are pink.  The answer may surprise you!

Why are Flamingos Pink?


If you have a question for Aidan and Oonagh’s Homework Club – just drop us a Whatsapp to 087-1102-107 and they will do their best to answer WITHOUT GOOGLING THE ANSWER!


What is photosynthesis?

Today’s homework club question comes from Sheamus.

His son Gerard is trying to understand what is photosynthesis and as always Aidan and Oonagh did their best to help without using google: