Just in time for hot chocolate season!

New research may have proved that snuggling up with a big cup of hot chocolate may make you smarter.

A study carried out at the University of Birmingham to find how antioxidants in cocoa affect the brain has shown interesting results.

Researchers exposed 18 healthy men to a safe level of carbon dioxide, known to reduce circulation to the brain.

The carbon dioxide levels can lead to hypercapnia, which may cause mild disorientation.

When the study was conducted twice, researchers found that those who drank cocoa performed faster and better.

According to Tyla, Lead Author Dr Catarina Rendeiro said:

“Our results showed a clear benefit for the participants taking the flavanol-enriched drink, but only when the task became sufficiently complicated,” 

“We can link this with our results on improved blood oxygenation. If you’re being challenged more, your brain needs improved blood oxygen levels to manage that challenge.”

“It also further suggests flavanols might be particularly beneficial during cognitively demanding tasks.”

“We used cocoa in our experiment, but flavanols are extremely common in a wide range of fruit and vegetables,” 

“By better understanding the cognitive benefits of eating these food groups, as well as the wider cardiovascular benefits, we can offer improved guidance to people about how to make the most of their dietary choices.”