A fine of up to €2500 for throwing a house party during level 5 has been proposed.

Someone having a house party would have to answer the door to a Garda before they’re are fined, according to the Association of Garda Sergeants and Inspectors.

Fines of up to €2,500 have been proposed for people throwing a house party – but Gardai don’t have the power to enter a household without permission.

On the spot fines of up to €500 have also been suggested for people refusing to wear facemasks and those in breach of the 5 kilometre limit.

General Secretary of the AGSI, Antoinette Cunningham, says people having parties could refuse to answer the door.

“The minister has said that going into a person’s home is not the space that she wants to get into”, she said.

“So for this to be executed in the way the government have outlined, somebody does have to answer the door”.

Level 5 restrictions come into effect around the country from midnight tonight for a period of six weeks.

You can learn more about what the restrictions mean here.