How you can Go Green with iRadio!

We all hear the phrase ‘Going Green‘ a lot, but what exactly does it mean?

Well, for us, it’s all about learning about new ways to help conserve natural resources, and putting those new ways into practice.

It’s about doing our bit to contribute to a more environmentally friendly life.

And we’re here to help because for one whole month, iRadio will be sharing honest info with you so you can also Go Green!

So, what kind of things will we be touching on?

Recycling & Reusing tips

Sustainable fashion – get the most out of your wardrobe!

Sustainable living – little homely things can go a long way

SEAI grants – to help homes & businesses reduce energy use and costs

So join us for four full weeks of i Go Green!


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‘Miss Earth Ireland’ Winner, Bronwyn O’Connell, Chats To Cooper & Kayte

The new Miss Earth Ireland, Bronwyn O’Connell, popped in to iRadio HQ earlier to visit Kayte and Steven as part of their #iGoGreen Campaign and to chat about her road to the international Miss Earth Final in her brand new fully electric car.
Bronwyn hails from Dublin and works as a cabin crew member with Aer Lingus.
She’s a big believer in a sustainable lifestyle and has been using her platform as Miss Earth Ireland to encourage others to be more environmentally aware/conscious. 
Last weekend, Bronwyn took part in a beach clean-up in Dublin as part of Clean Coasts’ Big Beach Clean 2021. 
Over 70 volunteers groups took part in the event and rolled up their sleeves tackle marine litter.
Bronwyn will go on to represent Ireland this winter in the virtual Miss Earth Grand Final. 

Listen back to the full interview here:


Sean Nolan from Monaghan and Sons cars speak to The Hub 

With the rollout of charging stations for Electric cars at most petrol stations in Ireland, it may be on your mind to try out an electric car.

Sean Nolan from Monaghan and Sons cars caught up with Louise Clarke on The Hub to answer any concerns people might have with buying an electric car.

He mentions the how you could save upwards of 10,000 euro from making the change.

Sean compared the distance you could achieve in an electric car compared to a diesel or petrol.

One benefit that Sean mentioned about electric cars is that they are all automatic.

The government has some intensives including VRT and 50% grant for an outside charger for your home.

Sean believes that in the next 10 years we could all be driving electric cars.

Monaghan and Sons have a range of cars that are available to view on their website HERE .

Liam Lycette from FiltraCycle chats to The Hub

FiltraCycle is tackling the huge problem of cigarette litter on streets across the country, by turning them into things like sunglasses.

Liam joined Ciaran and Rory on the show and told us that the majority of cigarette butts never make it to a bin and end up lying on the street.

They go on to poison fish, pollute rivers, lakes and seas and cause serious harm to other wildlife.

Liam mentions just how powerful a single cigarette but can be in damaging the environment and that’s where FiltraCycle comes in.

They collect the rubbish, process it and and transform it into plastic that goes on to be recycled into consumer items that we all buy every day.

iGoGreen Challenge – Week 1

Every week on iRadio at Work, Sharron will be taking on an iGoGreen challenge.

She’ll be chatting to sustainability influencer and all-round green queen Fionnuala Moran. Fionnuala will be setting Sharron and iRadio listeners an iGoGreen challenge every week.

These are all small, manageable changes we can all make to our lives in an effort to be more green.

This week’s challenge? Don’t get a takeaway coffee unless you’ve a reusable mug!

The Hub chats to John Tedder from The Filling Station Galway

Cutting down on waste is a huge part of iGoGreen, and The Filling Station in Galway is one business that gives people the opportunity to do just that.

The concept is simple, bring your own container, fill it with exactly how much of a certain product you need, pay by weight, and don’t take any more than you need.

When you’ve used up that supply, come back and repeat the process – all while saving money.

John’s Filling Station is one of a number of shops across the country using this new ‘old’ way of selling products like grains and cereals.

It’s also been done with shampoo’s and soaps!

Jenny French owner of ‘From The Ground Up 2020’ speaks to The Hub

When you are doing your weekly shop, do you think about how much packaging and waste you are buying?

Jenny French is the owner From The Ground Up 2020 in Tobercurry Co. Sligo.

It is Sligos first ever refilling shop and has been open since January 2021.

She told Louise how she came up with the idea during lockdown.

You can bring your refillable containers and bottles and purchase your groceries.

Speaking to Louise Clarke on The Hub, Jenny explains how waste is affecting the environment.

Steve Waite from Solar Generation speaks to The Hub

Making the change to using solar power instead of fossil fuels or non-sustainable energy can be confusing.

Steve Waite, Managing Director of Solar Generation told Louise Clarke on The Hub about the difference.

They discuss the types of solar energy that are available in Ireland and benefits of using solar panels.

He also talks about how you can make the change at your home and how it will help you save money.

Along with saving money, Steve also thinks it is a great way to reduce our carbon foot print.



Rachel Gorry speaks to The Hub about recycle

Influencer Rachel Gorry caught up with Louise Clarke to speak about recycling.

She speaks about her relationship with her children and how she wants to set an example for them at home.

Rachel recommends making small changes first like compost bins and reusable bags.

These little changes are things that Rachel hopes her children will pick up on.

You can listen to the full interview above.

The Hub speak to Ellen Ryall from the Refunk App

Refunk are a group of MSc Marketing students from Trinity College Dublin, all with a passion for sustainability.

The idea for ReFunk was born in November 2020 when they won a university innovation competition.
Their mission is to connect communities by:
Encouraging Donators to discard of unwanted furniture sustainably
Helping Upcyclers source materials and reach new customers
Pairing Rehomers with unique and sustainable furniture pieces
Louise Clarke caught up with Co-Founder Ellen Ryall to find out more.

The Hub speak to the founder of Kevin Murphy

2GoCup is an environmental initiative designed to prevent the production, consumption & landfill created by single-use cups.

It also offers the same convenience and affordability to independent businesses right up to large organisations.

Founder, Kevin Murphy caught up with Louise Clarke on The Hub to tell us how it works.

He mentions the details that they considered when designing the cup, including the cap which is also used in army water bottles.

Kevin explains how businesses can easily make the which and save money while helping the planet.

In Ireland, there are over 22,000 disposable coffee cups disposed of every hour which amounts to 528,000 coffee cups every day.

The 2GoCup is helping to reduce this number and keep our planet cleaner.