The incident happened during last night’s live trial

I’m a Celebrity has been hit by cheating rumours after last night’s live trial.

Contestants were split into 2 teams ‘lords’ and ‘ladies’ and joined Ant and Dec for a special task.

Source: Instagram (@imacelebrity) 

First up to compete were Ruthie and Hollie against Shane and Jordan.

All four  had to dunk their heads in a trough full of gunge to fish out gold coins using only their mouths.

However, fans spotted Ruthie using her hands to pull coins out of the gunge and slyly put them in her mouth – a clear breach of the rules.

Source: Twitter (@altaybasran) 

And that wasn’t all..

After completing the challenge, Ruthie sat down with Shane Ritchie to spill the tea on dating a Royal.

The West End star dated the Queen’s youngest son Prince Edward on and off for 2 years in the 90s.

Source: Twitter (@imacelebrity)