Megan Sims has been speaking about the issue of image-based sexual abuse, as part of SHINE Festival.

image-based sexual abuse


A woman who was part of the campaign for a law against image-based sexual abuse says there needs to be more education around the issue, as well as more education around consent.

Megan Sims has been speaking as part of SHINE Festival, a three day event that aims to inspire, empower and inform girls and women.


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Megan, who was a victim of image-based sexual abuse in 2016, says she would like to see a specific support service for people in that situation.

She is also calling for more training for Gardaí to deal with people affected by this issue.

Megan says we really need to become more aware of the language we use to speak about this issue:

“Because if you hear the term revenge porn, even if you’re a victim of it, you’re going to say ‘Oh well did I do something wrong?’ And how we phrase these things is incredibly important.”