Lots of restrictions are being eased in the coming months

And it may feel a bit overwhelming for some people.

But experts are urging people who are feeling anxious to go at their own pace.

A psychotherapist says it’s completely normal to feel worried about socialising again, after a five month long lockdown.

Helen Vaughan, owner of Maynooth Counselling in Co Kildare says don’t be afraid to “take it easy”.

“Don’t be surprised if you are anxious…try to listen to yourself and take things at your own pace,” she said.

Other advice is to talk to those around you and don’t be afraid to be honest about what you’re comfortable with in terms of boundaries.

Because so many of us are a bit out of practise when it comes to socialising, we think it’ll take some adjusting.

But, that’s totally okay!

For a guide on what restrictions are lifting, and when, see our breakdown here.