A number of Irish nationals are on two cruise ships in Japan and Cambodia that have been hit by the coronavirus outbreak.


(Source: flickr)

Irish people who are quarantined on cruise ships in Japan and Cambodia will have to go into quarantine again when they get home.

Fifteen Irish nationals have been on board two cruise ships affected by the coronavirus and two of them have tested positive for it.

They were two of six Irish nationals on board the Diamond Princess in Japan and are now being treated in Tokyo.

Seven Irish people who were quarantined on a ship in Cambodia are being screened for the virus while two others arrived back in Ireland at the weekend.

The Department of Foreign Affairs says it’s in close contact with the relevant international agencies, EU partners and other like-minded countries regarding consular assistance and repatriation and quarantine arrangements.

Meanwhile Dr. John Lambert, who’s Professor of infectious diseases at the Mater Hospital and UCD says even if people are healthy while travelling, they will have to enter quarantine when they arrive home:

“Every country is going to require patients to go into some kind of quarantine.  So that’s either going to be self-quarantine or if they don’t have facilities they’d have to be in special accommodation arranged by each of the governments of each of the countries.”