A plan has been unveiled to use GAA headquarters as a college campus.


(Source: flickr)

Students from the Royal College of Surgeons will be attending some of their lectures at Croke Park when they return to college.

Medical students will be using GAA headquarters as their campus, as part of a plan to allow for social distancing.

Six hundred and fifty students in second and third years will be accommodated, and will have access to the campus six days a week from September.

Professor Hannah McGee from the RCSI says it won’t impact on any matches when they resume:

“We will be vacating the premises when Saturday matches resume.  We wanted to work there five days a week and Croke Park very kindly allowed us to work on Saturdays as long as they don’t have commitments themselves, and when they do, of course we won’t be there.”

Professor McGee has insisted the RCSI students won’t in any way impinge on the emerging plans the GAA has for its own facilities on Saturdays.