Save your tears for another veg?

Ever get caught crying while cutting an onion?

(Image via pexels)

You could be totally happy, but if someone walks in while you’re chopping an onion, you’re swamped with ‘are you okay?’ type questions.

Or maybe you’re one of those people who wears goggles while chopping.

Well, no more!

A UK supermarket is to start selling onions that won’t make you cry.

Tear-less onions will be available in Waitrose this month.

It has come about after decades of cross-breeding the vegetable to find one that doesn’t irritate the eyes.

They’re grown in Spain, and are slightly more expensive than a standard onion, with a pack of three reportedly to cost £1.50.

(Image via pexels)

Wales Online reports they’ll be called ‘Sunions’, and are the first “tearless and sweet onion variety”.

They’ve actually been available in the US for several years.

However one review has described them as ‘flavourless’.

We reckon that won’t stop us giving it a go – our curiosity would get the better of us for sure.

Waitrose says, “Sunions are the first tearless and sweet onion variety, perfect for those with sensitive eyes as well as cooking in the kitchen with children.”

It adds, “The mild flavour makes them perfect for use in cooking while they can also be used raw in a salad.”