Walk in the footsteps of Erin, Michelle, Clare, Orla and the wee English fella!

Derry Girls

(Source: www.geograph.ie)

Fans of Derry Girls can now go on a brand new tour dedicated to the hugely popular Channel 4 show. The experience includes key locations from the series, like Dennis’ Wee Shop and Pump Street, a location that caused a lot of trouble for Granda Joe in the first series:

The tour package from the Hastings Everglades Hotel also features an afternoon tea menu that includes a Derry sausage roll bap, a Tayto sandwich and a cream horn.

Hastings Hotel Marketing Director Julie Hastings says the tour offers the full Derry Girls experience:

“The package also includes a Walled City Walking Tour where visitors can walk in the footsteps of a true Derry Girl around the city’s walls and the Bogside.

“Visitors can get their photo taken at Free Derry Corner and Dennis’s Wee Shop while hearing about life in the city during the troubles from an expert local guide.

“They can visit the city’s Pump Street and learn the difference between a cream horn and cream finger [and] explore Long Tower Church where the miracle of Our Lady occurred, followed by the Bishop’s Gate where Toto made a miraculous appearance.”

Know someone who’s be up for it?