Let’s break it down…

With Covid-19 restrictions, FOMO, aka the ‘Fear of Missing out’ has not really been an issue anymore.

If no one can go out, sure there’s nothing to miss out on right?

Well, we found out from Tyla that there may be a ready-replacement for the term.

It’s JOSI.

Any guesses for what it stands for?

Well, it’s the Joy of Staying In.

And we think this one might stay around for a while as some people may be feeling anxious about getting fully out there in the world again.

A poll by online news site Tyla found that 70 per cent of us are feeling the burnout after lockdown.

So it seems that people are all starting to embrace the Joy Of Staying In.

It comes after last weekend mental health experts were urging people to go at their own pace as restrictions ease.

What do you think?